Ken Williams, Metalsmith - Wildwood Forge Wildwood Forge & Ironworks - 22908 Bassett Roat, Sedro Woolley, Wa 98284 - 360.856.0634 -
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Wildwood Forge and Ironworks is dedicated to balancing formal beauty with the raw power of the metalworking process as well as the design and assembly of metals in conventiaonal traditions.

Wildwood Forge and Ironworks is a near-mythical place where beauty and force intertwine to shepherd iron and steel through fire to pleasing form.

As resident Metalsmith, Ken Williams has the unique honor of being a key participant in the alchemical transformation of form and function. By volcanic heat of the forge, steel becomes as clay and then shaped by the skillful blows guided by a trained eye.

Ken Williams creates fine architectural, sculptural and functional forgings using the time honored traditions of the blacksmith and the creativity as an artist. He has forged projects from pure iron, wrought iron and modern steels as well as non-ferrous metals such as bronze, brass, copper and aluminum for ornamental work. These forged metals take shape as furniture, lighting, fireplaces, railings or gifts for interior or exterior locations. Ken can furnish design direction or collaborate with you on that special project. If you find yourself traveling into the beautiful Skagit Valley area, feel free to call ahead and plan a visit to his shop.

Wildwood is located at the Mouth of the North Cascades Highway in Sedro-Woolley, WA.

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